Helen Vines

Geoff Atherton is an excellent music teacher. My son, now 14 has been learning alto sax with Geoff for three years. He came to Geoff after a discouraging experience with another teacher and since the change has looked forwards to his lessons, has been enjoying his music and has made great progress.

 Geoff’s lessons are fun and productive and my son comes away challenged but not overwhelmed and keen to practice the new techniques/pieces he has been taught. He has encouraged self-expression and my son’s individual style on the saxophone while teaching him the necessary technical skills.

 My son has progressed more than a grade a year under Geoff’s tuition but more importantly for me as a parent, he is never cross, never shouts, never demeans. I firmly believe that music is for enjoyment and my son enjoys his lessons with Geoff. Also he is great value for money!

Helen Vines,Huddersfield.

January 2016